In the area of spirituality Nick touches two topics: A Course in Miracles (completely non-dualistic) and contemporary spirituality, which focuses on inviting participants to have a relationship with their inner Self, while using language and concepts so that participant can open their mind to a new way of living.

A Course in Miracles is rather for people who either are familiar with the course, or people interested in it. Nick is not interested in recruiting, or evangelizing A Course in Miracles. That is simply his personal practice, and shares from his heart. For more information related to A Course in Miracles, please visit the link titled: a course in miracles.

Contemporary spirituality is where we begin to recognize that there is Something, that somehow if we allow It, It can help us manage our lives in a more loving, calm manner, which helps us deal with our every experience and circumstance we are confronted with.

From this space, any decision taken is not only the most appropriate for each experience, but even when we experience a profound success in our lives, we do enjoy an unshakable inner peace.

"BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! You are an excellent speaker and you offer so much for thought and action. You are a terrific person, and I was, /am totally inspired by your larger-than-life persona. All blessings, always! "-Marianne A., IN

"Everyone was born original but most people die copies."

Although the life of a visionary is easier than many think, one needs to develop the courage to follow one's heart desires.

Some Topics of Discussion:

  • How to live a life of purpose instead of an ordinary life.
  • How to experience love in order to have a life of true happiness and success.
  • The difference between motivation and inspiration.
  • How to choose the right career that is truly satisfying.
  • How to eradicate the fear of uncertainty.

And so much more...

    Patty"I am a professor at Cal State San Marcos, and recently had Nick Arandes come and speak to four of my Sociology classes. I originally heard Nick speak about a month ago about New Year's Resolutions. I was so impressed by his talk, I asked if he could come and speak to my classes.

    Nick's talk was inspirational and funny and motivating for the students. He talked about the importance of following your dreams and how to discover what those dreams are. He helped students understand that the relationship one has with oneself is the most important one. Many students stayed after his talk to ask questions. There was complete silence during his talk because everyone was listening so intently. (I checked and no one was sleeping!) I can't think of a better speaker for the campus-wide lecture series. I think Nick has a unique gift where he can motivate others to find the right path for them, especially those that are struggling.

    For all those students who don't know what they are going to do with their lives, attending Nick's lecture would be a giant step in the right direction.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

    Sincerely, -Patty Oneal"

In business development, Nick talks are based on principles of true success because fulfillment is what it´s all about.

Within the curriculum is shared:

  • How to increase profit and productivity of a company, so it happens naturally.
  • How to have a happy and satisfying working environment.
  • How to have employees remain loyal to the company.
  • How to keep stability during difficult times.
  • How to maintain effective communication for the benefit of all employees, customers and employers.
  • How to operate so that no competition can have an effect on the company.

Nick Arandes' Topics covered are not designed to increase an attitude based on greed, but for everyone to win. If greed, and success is what drives you, you will have to work very hard, even, perhaps you may have noticed how this attitude affects not only your health but your family, your employees and your company.

Do not fall into the trap of believing that you and your company are two different things. You are the company. And the way you treat your employees, and run your business is a reflection of how you treat yourself, your family and anyone with whom you interact. Therefore, you need to make an internal change. And that internal change is what Nick Arandes shares because that is how his life has changed!

Dear Mr. Arandes: The seminar you led was a success, it really was an excellent opportunity to hear your words, your experiences and even more to point out that success in life, business and personal is determined by a "Purpose" and not any kind of Purpose. I don't want to take more of your time, as I assume you must be very busy, I simply would like to you to stay in touch so that I can find out about upcoming seminars and lectures, to know when to return to Panama, or if you have a talk in places like Miami or the surrounding areas. I love to take my children. My regards and respects to you and your family. Gisela Lopez, President & CEO

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