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Nick ArandesHi, my name is Nick Arandes also know as The Radical Kid and I hope you enjoy this site, the videos, songs and everything it has to offer.

As you know, the universe works on timing! I have written many songs and I continue to do so. However, my passion at this particular moment is my writings and inspirational speaking. That does not necessarily mean that I have given up on a childhood dream of putting a band together and play my music. But if that is not where my heart is, I need to follow my intuition.

Meanwhile, listen to the songs I have written for my upcoming music CD, also, I have a link for Music Produced, that is a link of songs I have produced and mixed for independent artists. You'll see a story behind each song and a link to their sites so you can obtain a copy of their music.

Songs Of LoveBy far, one of my most rewarding projects was Song's of Love. This is an organization that hires producers from all over the country to produce songs for children dealing with life-threatening imbalances. They would send me a child's profile and I would write a song according to the child's music preference, and the lyrics are all about the child's life. Meaning, his/her friends, family, pastimes, etc.

Here is a letter I received from one of the hospitals:

Dear Nick,

Thank you so much for the song you wrote for this child. Her mom cried tears of joy as they listened to it together for the first time. Resistant to listening to anything except Shakira until she received her song. It was nice to see her smile, even thought all of their pain and discomfort. You do wonderful work and I can't tell you how appreciative I am for your foundation (referring to Songs of Love). Whenever I order a song from Songs of Love, I find that the kids at our hospital will listen to it over and over again, specially in their dressing changes. Thank you for helping them during this difficult time in their lives.


T.A. (Shriners Hospital for Children)

Below are two sample songs:

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To send a donation, simply visit: and help make a difference in some child's life!

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